How-to Wiki

Roundcube Webmail Installer

  1. Check environment
  2. Create config
  3. Test config

Check config file  OK  OK

Check if directories are writable

Roundcube may need to write/save files into these directories

/home/jfkr3965/public_html/temp/:  OK
/home/jfkr3965/public_html/logs/:  OK

Check DB config

DSN (write):  OK
DB Schema:  OK
DB Write:  OK
DB Time:  OK

Test filetype detection

Fileinfo/mime_content_type configuration:  OK
Mimetype to file extension mapping:  OK

Test SMTP config


Test IMAP config

Port 143

After completing the installation and the final tests please remove the whole installer folder from the document root of the webserver or make sure that enable_installer option in is disabled.

These files may expose sensitive configuration data like server passwords and encryption keys to the public. Make sure you cannot access this installer from your browser.